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FRIDAY, AUGUST 23RD 1 Corinthians 12:25 (CEV)

We Have Work to Do by: Lori Dial

“He did this to make all parts of the body work together smoothly, with each part caring about the others.”

This week as my daughter went back to school, our conversation turned to various subjects.  We discussed her favorites and of course, her least favorites… let’s just say that math had a starring role. Then she asked about my favorites when I was in school.  I remembered my high school biology and physiology classes.  I loved studying about the intricacy of the human body from the cellular level to the organs and how each and every piece and part had an important role and imperative function within the whole.  My belief in creation was already strong, but it was solidified weekly as I studied and learned more and more about His amazing design.  When God calls the church, His church, OUR church, a body of believers and then compares each member to the members of the body, it should makes us want to jump in, link arms with others, and get to doing our job, for we know that each part is vital to the whole.  As believers, we are called to be part of a church body. If you are a part of a church, then it’s time to lace up and get in the game.  The sidelines are no place to be.  Arm-chair quarterbacks obviously exist in the game of football, but are they necessary? Nope.  The game will still go on, win or lose.  In the church, you have a vital role that God wants YOU to play.  Imagine if one of our eyes decided to stop working one day or maybe our leg.  Would our body survive and compensate for the loss?  Yes, but don’t you think it would function so much more smoothly if each part shows up and puts forth its best effort? You betcha!  If you don’t know where or how to get involved, our pastor gave us a promise: He said if you’d email him (, he’d put you in touch with someone who could find you a spot.  We have God’s work to do, so let’s get in the game! 

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