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Instruction reader of Independent assembler by: Lori Dial

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” 

All my life, I have loved getting new toys and games that have ‘some assembly required.’ From getting new Barbie items as a kid to new shelves from Ikea now, it thrills my soul to read through the directions and assemble the items successfully.  However, success isn’t always the most accurate description of the outcome.  There are times that I have one side that’s a little too long or the unfinished side of a board is facing out or I just have too many leftover screws or fasteners.  What went wrong?  Well, sometimes I get in too big of a hurry to fully read through all pieces of the instructions before I jump into the project.  If you’ll remember, most instructions start with “Read through all instructions thoroughly before assembling.” Sometimes I do, but oftentimes, I don’t. Sometimes, I get a little over-confident (aka prideful) and decide halfway through that I know what to do so I quit consulting the instructions and finish it on my own.  (Refer to the previously mentioned examples to learn the outcome of those projects.)  The worst thing I do, however, is to not consult the instructions at all.  Isn’t this how we are as believers at times?  God has given his instructions in the form of His word, and He gave Solomon the wisdom to give us piles of ‘instructions for life’ in the form of Proverbs.  So now we must decide what we’ll do with them—will we ignore them altogether, acknowledge them yet not follow them, or will we study them and apply them daily.

Lord, please give me a heart for heeding your advice—a heart willing to consult you through prayer and reading of your word and a heart that is always willing to apply your wisdom.

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