College Ministry

What is your Perspective on life? on Christianity in general? on debated issues? Perspective is a weekly event for college students totally focused on worship and teaching.

We believe that the college campuses in and around Conway will be radically changed when students enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and impact others to do the same.


Every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. college students meet together in Room 210 C to study the Word of God, pray and spend time with each other. This is the main concentrated Bible Study time for our group. We will pick a topic or go through a Book to see what God has in store for us at different times. This is truly one of the greatest times in ministry.


Perspective now meets at the new Perspective Building on the UCA Campus. It is located on College Avenue just behind the UCA baseball stadium. We talk about and discuss many different issues that deal specifically with you, the college student, in real life situations.


To have a true God Perspective is to have a heart for the nations.  Every year we help send college students on short term mission trips around the world.  We have ministered to orphans in Peru and Muslims in Indonesia.